Technology rules the world. Solutions abound everywhere to meet people’s needs. Many quality range of products manufactured with the state-of-the-art technology are today’s product demand, and manufacturers and suppliers are up to the task.

If you look to have the quality of LCD display products, Imaging, sensor or if it’s optoelectronics solution, the quality you seek is the range of our products that are available on our platform.

Industrial LCD

If your search is for industrial-standard TFT LCD available in our stock, we’ve got the quality and high-performance products ranging from multi-touch PCAP to high-brightness solutions with great value addition. We are poised to give you maximum satisfaction with your desired specification for your money’s worth.

With improvements in the LCD range of products to meet different market requirements of better features and sizes, we hope to deliver just that product you really need. Check on our range of products in categories we have enumerated here to find the product of your choice.

Custom Camera Components

Sharp’s camera solutions are the focus of the world for camera needs. If that is what you look to have, we have the quality in this range of products to meet your taste and style.

When you think of custom camera units for any application such as a smartphone, wearable, Automotive, PC, tablet and various cutting-edge technology electronic gadgets in the consumer category, your next step should be to access our quality products on display and make the right pick as applied to your specification and taste.

Memory LCD

Low-temperature and durable LCD performance for mobiles and wearable is a requirement to look out for in a display product.

Memory LCD offered by Sharp gives you the memory in all pixel to deliver a display of high resolution, high-contrast and comes with a very low energy consumption.

Why You Should Think Sharp

Sharp is a major player in the LCD industry. As a major manufacturer of quality LCD display screens and solutions, they are committed to meeting customers’ demands with designs that go with today’s markets.

With Sharp, you get:

  • Products of highly advanced technology
  • Tested automotive-standard cameras
  • A support with global coverage
  • A package size that sets the pace in the market

Optoelectronics Products

High-performance optoelectronics products are available in our collection of products from the staple of Sharp’s quality design. We have in stock optoelectronic solutions you need for your design in this area. These include:

  • Dust sensor
  • Distance Measuring Sensor
  • Photocoupler
  • Photointerrupter
  • Proximity sensor
  • Phototriac coupler
  • Solid State Relay

These products come in various design models with unique features.

You have specifications for distance measuring sensors with infrared LED, PSD, linear voltage output and signal processing circuit as some of the features that come with the products. Get the full detail of each model from the particular product page.

Dust sensors models comprise great features such as:

  • High sensitivity
  • Inbuilt infrared emitting diode, Signal processing, and photodiode circuit
  • Output: analog voltage/ digital signal output
  • Inbuilt microcomputer
  • Internal cleaning capability