Sharp Meg is an informative website that is driven by a team of tech-minded individuals. Our emphasis is on the application of microelectronics in display technology with a particular interest in LCD display technology. Our prime focus and goal is to serve you with useful information on LCD technology and its use in today’s technology-driven world. Almost everybody uses one electronic gadget or another in their everyday life.

Whether as a handheld device like smartphones or other electronics such as TVs, microelectronics technology is implemented and everyone should be conscious of what he uses by getting well-informed about the technology behind it.

Our Vision

Sharp MEG envisions the world of display technology that is built to stand the test of time and to serve us much longer as presented by the LCD display technology.

We see a world where innovations thrive to improve on existing technology as we equally see ourselves going along in the new developments.

Our Mission

The stability of the flat and good quality image display technology was made more prominent through the introduction of LCD display technology.

At Sharp MEG, our commitment is towards microelectronics and its implementation on LCD display technology. For the passion we have for this display technology and how it has brought a new lease of life to TV viewing and use in smartphones, we owe it a duty to continually promote it through our website in the best way possible.

We are dedicating our time and resources to share and enlighten as many that will pass through this website via the quality information posted on this website.
We are fully aware of the responsibility on our shoulders on what we have chosen to do and therefore take ourselves to be accountable for our mode of information dissemination via this website.

Our Belief

We live right now in a world that is fast advancing in technology in rapid succession. What you think is the best today will simply become obsolete in no time. Our belief is that we should not be left behind in the developments as they unfold. That is why we are resolved to provide as much information that is behind an LCD display technology in today’s modern world. We believe that bridging the information gap is a responsibility to be undertaken to help as many people as possible to make an informed decision when making a purchase.

We believe that microelectronics will continue to rule the world in years to come and enjoying what the technology has got to offer is everybody’s right.  Our duty, therefore, is to enlighten others on the happenings about the technology they so much love to use but don’t really know much about.

The Future

At Sharp MEG, we hope to expand along with the innovation in display technology in our information gathering and supply approach. We see a future wherein LCD display is fully incorporated into emerging technologies in electronics manufacture.

We hope to through efforts of everyone that comes across our information to be encouraged to be available to better help others with the type of information they are searching for on microelectronics and screen display technologies.