Among the major development in screen display technology is the liquid crystal display (LCD). On a global scale, more than 220 million LCD Televisions are sold every year. For the high demand in the market for quality and high-resolution pictures, manufacturers are the more innovative and continue to evolve new technologies to meet customers’ needs.

High definition LCDs and digital display are in high demand by consumers.

Global Shipment Of LCD TV

The global shipments of LCD display products continue to rise year after year. In 2015 the shipment of LCD TVs reached a record high of about 224 million sets. As of 2016 ending, Samsung, a major player in the industry leads in the highest number of the shipment. They are followed by LG and TCL from China. For the 4th quart of 2016, Samsung saw a shipment of about 15.2 million LCD TVs while LG has about 7 million shipments for the quarter.

Global LCD Core Chip And Innovativeness

Integration of core chip is to enhance the functionality of LCD TVs. With the demand for improved display, manufacturers’ innovativeness is seen by adopting various technologies for a better product.

Installation of core chip processors is an advancement in technology that integrates the computing functionality into a TV set.

This is in a bid to meet the market’s demand for smart products including TVs. This technological improvement creates both an LCD TV and a computer under a single unit.

Benefits Of The Core Integration

 There are great benefits that come with the infusion of core chip on LCD TVs. It gives the users the flexibility to use their TV set like a computer. You can access apps, stream videos, visit online stores, download content and also sync your other devices with the LCD TV.

This outstanding feature addition to the LCD TV has attracted lots of customers in its direction thereby resulting in the growth of the market.

Regional Demand

The LCD core chip industry has a growing competition among players like Sony, Philips, LG Electronics, Samsung Group, Panasonic and a host of others. There is the strong presence of manufacturers from the Asian region particularly from China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. This makes the availability and affordable of the product a reality and ensuring a market growth in the region.

The US and Canada from North America have also seen an increase in the demand for smart LCD TVs.

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