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Sharp Meg is an informative website that is driven by a team of tech-minded individuals.

Our emphasis is on the application of microelectronics in display technology with a particular interest in LCD display technology. Our prime focus and goal is to serve you with useful information on LCD technology and its use in today’s technology-driven world. Almost everybody uses one electronic gadget or another in their everyday life.

Our Mission

Our commitment is towards microelectronics and its implementation on LCD display technology. For the passion we have for this display technology and how it has brought a new lease of life to TV viewing and use in smartphones, we owe it a duty to continually promote it the best way possible.

Our Vision

Sharp MEG envisions the world of display technology that is built to stand the test of time and to serve us much longer as presented by the LCD display technology. We see a world where innovations thrive to improve on existing technology as we equally see ourselves going along in the new developments.

Our Range Of Products

Technology rules the world. Solutions abound everywhere to meet people’s needs.

Many quality range of products manufactured with the state-of-the-art technology are today’s product demand, and manufacturers and supplieras are up to the task.

If you look to have the quality of LCD display products, Imaging, sensor or if it’s optoelectronics solution, the quality you seek is the range of our products that are available on our platform.

Facts About Microelectronics

A branch of electronics technology called Microelectronics is the study, the design and manufacture of minute electronic components that use up a little amount of electric power.

As a technology, the term can sometimes be used to mean the discrete components used in the design of compact circuits like the integrated circuits. The traditional circuits are made into smaller sizes with the aid of microelectronics.

This is the technology behind the computers, smartphones and LCD display technologies.

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The Change Brought By The Technology

The evolution of the microelectronics technology industry reflects a continuous technological impact and change.

The major changes that can be seen in product manufacture include higher level of product integration, reliability, better product performance, increased number of products manufactured and reduced costs of device manufacture.

Innovations stems from the demand for low-cost products with high performing properties. The microelectronic technology makes it possible for the manufacture of various devices.

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